Catch Them All: Pokémon Go Hacks

Tips on Playing Pokémon Go GPS Mobile Game

The Pokémon Go app has captured the hearts of millions of players, both die-hard fans who started playing the game on Nintendo twenty years ago and new gamers who are discovering the world of Pokémon now on their smartphones. The new app allows players to move around their real environment to find Pokémon who appear on the screen waiting to be captured. As players advance, they can join teams and battle other players all in the name of becoming a Pokémon master.

Whether you’ve been playing the game for weeks or you haven’t even downloaded the app yet, these tips and tricks will help you on your way to catching them all and mastering the game.

Get Pikachu as a Starter

Everyone loves Pikachu but it can take a while to find one in the game depending on where you live. However, if you keep running away from your first battle with the starter Pokémon that you choose then eventually Pikachu will appear as an option for your starter Pokémon.

Gain XP by Spinning Pokéballs

It is easy enough to find Pokémon but catching them can be much more difficult. The normal method is to flick the Pokéball towards the creature onscreen but if you use your finger to draw a circle around the ball beforehand, you can add a spin that will make you more likely to catch them and also gain you some useful XP.

Use Incense

Not the real life incense sticks, but the ones you have in your pack when you start the game! Select the incense from your Pokémon pack and use it while you’re walking around to draw more Pokémon to the area and increase your chances of catching some new creatures. Incense lasts for 30 minutes and dramatically increases the number of Pokémon around you in that time, so make the most of it.

Night and Day

Different types of Pokémon come out during the day and the night, with ghost types like Haunter and Gengar appearing far more often after the sun goes down. Use it as an excuse for an adventurous sleepover and grab a couple of friends to explore after dark and catch these elusive Pokémon types.

Go Slow

You need to walk around if you want to hatch any eggs that you’ve caught, but don’t get lazy and resort to driving or taking the bus. If you’re travelling at more than 12 miles per hour you won’t be able to hatch any eggs, so walking (or maybe even a light jog!) is the only way to do it.

Look out for Yellow

If the Pokémon you’re trying to catch is surrounded by a thin yellow circle, it means they have a higher combat power (or CP). In other words, they’re a better Pokémon to have in battle situations. This also means that they are harder to catch so think twice if you’re running low on Pokéballs when you find one.

Get Outside Your Area

The same Pokémon populate the same spaces so even if you walk around your local park a hundred times, you probably won’t find new types to catch. You need to get out of your immediate area to find all of the available Pokémon which might entail a long walk, a bus ride, or maybe even a well-timed holiday!

Use the Battery Saver

You’ve probably noticed that your battery drains much faster when you’re using Pokémon Go, but you don’t want your phone to die just as you spy that Articuno. Did you know that there is a battery saver option in the app? Go into Settings in the main menu and select Battery Saver to limit the drain. The app will still run but at a lower power which is perfect for when you’re walking around trying to hatch an egg.

Just make sure to stay safe, hydrated, and adventurous, and with these tips, there’s nothing to stop you mastering your Pokémon Go skills to catch them all!


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