5 Simple Tips to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Five Ways to Make Your HD Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Smartphones can be used to perform a multitude of tasks, including messaging, connecting with friends on social media, managing your schedule and gaming. However, the numerous applications and accessories running on most smartphones can quickly drain the battery. If your smartphone needs charging more than once a day, try these 5 simple tips to make the battery last longer.

Tweak the Display

Lowering the screen brightness can make a big difference to battery life, as smartphone displays consume a great deal of power. Most smartphones come with an auto-lighting feature, which automatically dims or brightens the screen as needed. In addition, you can adjust the screen time-out settings to as little as five seconds.

Switch Off Unused Services

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS location services all drain the battery, as your smartphone is constantly scanning for connections and receiving location information. Switching off these services when not in use could cut a large percentage of your battery use. If you need to use location services for a particular app, Wi-Fi location services often use less battery power than GPS.

Check Background Applications

Applications often start automatically when your smartphone is switched on and continue to run in the background, consuming battery life and slowing down your device. Remove or disable old and unused software, apps and games to free up space, boost speed and extend battery life. Alternatively, you could install a task killer application, which monitors and automatically disables unnecessary background programs and processes.

Turn Off Excessive Notifications

Most smartphones automatically use vibration settings and blinking LED lights for notifications, increasing the strain on battery life. In addition, many smartphones use backlit buttons, keypad tones and vibration feedback for typing, all of which require extra battery power. Consider which features and notifications you need to use and turn off the rest.

Try a Power-Saving Application

There are many power-saving applications available through the Google Play store, some of which can be installed free of charge. Power-saving applications scan your phone to look for programs and services that are using excess battery power. Some smartphones also have built-in apps that monitor battery use and suggest specific power savings.

Smartphone apps, programs and games can drain the battery quickly, leading some phones to require charging several times a day. Making a few small changes can make a big difference to the life of your smartphone battery.


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